This is Jungaji’s wrap up from the show @ BEMAC on 26th June 2002

To feel the & energy & excitement as I walked out for my set at QMC (Bemac Live) last month for “The Journey we make together” was spiritually nourishing & transcendent of the journey I’d undertaken to get to that moment in time.

A feeling of accomplishment & rebirth, a sense metamorphosing into my new skin (Jungaji) in full of view of people who know or a familiar with my journey up to this point.

I was proud to share the stage with my stable mate Taitu’uga, (High Talking Samoan Chief), who delivered a seafood platter of traditional knowledge & wisdom through modern electronic tools (EDM) that had the audience compelled with his unique story telling, his artistry & smooth delivery.

Taitu’uga (R) and me (Jungaji (L) @ Bemac Live 2022

Opening up the show was the enigmatic Ney Ney, an upcoming artist new on the Australian soul scene who I proudly call my boy, it’s satisfying to see his growth & hunger to learn the art of music & performance, to see him proud in his musical skin and carrying his song lines strong is gratifying. For those present certainly got a taste of his magical presence & fire.

Heilani Dance Troupe definitely packed some punch & engaged the audience with their beautiful, colourful personalities & showmanship in showcasing their Polynesian Dancing, particularly when the audience was invited up to participate, a real highlight of the day.

Heilani Polynesian Dance Company engaged the audience

Lastly to all who contributed to a wonderful day, our robust manager Greg Dodge, for all his generosity & tireless work, and Janty Blair for her knowledge, expertise & calm approach. All the Bemac staff for enabling us a safe culturally appropriate space to share our ceremony & stories. My Gomeroi brother Danny “TeeJay” Johnson, that QandA was exceptional, you are the Master of Ceremonies my bred & Lenny Beckett for the lovely Kuppmurri, another highlight of my day.

To my deadly band James Fegai, Efiq Zulfiqar & Kane Arama Hunt, this little hit is the first of many to come. Your musical genius but also brotherhood got me through comfortably, truly blessed.

(L-R) – Efiq Zulfiqar (Drums), Dean Brady (son, singer), Ney Ney (singer/son), James Hunt-Feagai (keys), Taitu’uga (Brother in music & Cultural ways), me, Jungaji and Craig Kemp (Yudaki)

Again I thank you all for attending my Art exhibition (Junumundungal), it was such a special day for myself & my family, the reviews & responses are nothing but positive & it gives me perspective & vision on what the creative landscape looks like in the future.

My First Art Exhibition (June 14th – July 31st, 2022,) QMC, Kangaroo Pt, Meanjin.

Wadamoolee/ julma


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