Jungaji released his debut single, PILBARA MAN, on 4th of August 2023 on all digital streaming platforms.

He had his live launch at The Triffid on Wednesday the 9th of August 2023 with support bands, Jamiesha and Dark Moods.

He then released his first lyric video on YouTube on the 11th of August. Using the latest in animation and AI, his team used his artwork, Pilbara Man, to bring it alive with the music. This is using technology in a new way for songlines. See it HERE

The latest Pilbara Man Video

One of the best reviews from Amnplify is here for your reading enjoyment.

First Nations Gu Gu Yalanji activist, artist and singer-songwriter Jungaji (formerly Troy Brady) releases his new song, Pilbara Man. A track that delivers a hearty serving of smooth R&B and soulful grooves while celebrating the new creative path Jungaji has chosen to walk.

Pilbara Man is a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable man Jungaji has known for over two decades. It tells the tale of loss, sadness, and displacement in the Pilbara Man’s life, but also emphasizes his resilience, survival, and ability to celebrate life. The Pilbara Man’s journey parallels the struggles faced by many in their communities. The new single is Jungaji claiming his roots and identity by depicting the strength of the Pilbara Man.

Musically, the song creates an enchanting soundscape with smooth soul rhythms and harmonies reminiscent of the Motown era. Pilbara Man could have come out of the songbook of Steely Dan or even Toto. Low bass drums beat with honeyed guitar riffs and a sparkling vocal create a jazzy composition that oozes confidence.

The song Pilbara Man tells the story of a Murri woman who has a failed relationship with a Pilbara man. The song highlights the struggles and challenges faced by the Pilbara Man as he embarks on his new life. Despite his hardships, he finds solace in strumming his guitar and singing songs. It’s a celebration of the Pilbara Man’s optimism and clarity despite the hard times he’s faced. Ultimately, it emphasises the power of music to bring joy and healing even in difficult times.

It’s a thoroughly modern song with a sensitive nod to the past as it recognises the issues that First Nations men still face in their communities. Jungaji, a veteran musician of over thirty years, has produced a song that feels like it fits him creatively like a glove. Check out his labour of love and the cover art he created on all digital stores.

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